The Apprentice does street art: Standout quotes

Every now and again reality television series The Apprentice makes a foray into the art world. There’s something about the the fine art industry that seems to induce a fish out of water-style panic in a lot of the candidates which is usually as hilarious as it is watchable.

That said, last night’s urban art episode was sadly lacklustre, so in the interests of watching it so you don’t have to, here are the standout quotes…

On Banksy:

Adam: Everyone knows him – he’s like The Stig isn’t he?

On artists:

Stephen: Van Gogh chopped off his ear. These people represent what art’s all about – nutcases with a bit of genius in them.

On giant paintings:

Laura: Serious art collectors aren’t bothered by size.

Oh, and there was also some blather about purchasing for corporate clients to which I would say the teams could have taken advantage of Lord Sugar’s weekly seminar on how not to tart up a corporate reception space, otherwise known as “visiting his depressingly dull waiting room”.

The Apprentice reception room. Image: BBC