The Animals of Low Moral Standing

The Etsy blog recently hero-ed these posters by R.S. Posnak showing the relative moral standing of a variety of animals. You should definitely go there to read what Posnak has to say about the designs and to check out the AnimaliaShop but I just wanted to  post them here too as I pondered the choice of animals:

Animals of High Moral Standing – AnimaliaShop

In the high moral camp I think I agree with nearly all of the choices – especially the chamaeleon which I was surprised to see but very pleased. The only places where our opinions diverge are on the ring-tailed lemur (one of whom tried to pick-pocket my little sister once) and the rabbit (I’ve never cared for rabbits).

Animals of Low Moral Standing – AnimaliaShop

I think this is the harder list because I find most creatures absolutely fascinating so don’t like to think of them as of low moral standing, especially squid. I guess if I had to choose I would include rabbits, mice, daddy long legs, pike, sand flies, chimps and every single bird except owls.

Posnak points out that part of her work is about us projecting qualities onto animals:

“I don’t think anthropomorphism is inherently a bad thing; I think it helps us to have empathy with other creatures. But I do think we need a reality check sometimes, especially when we demonize animals like snakes and rats, who are just going about living their lives in the same way the rest of us are.”

The posters are $29 which is around £19.20