A collection of rain gifs (and words)

I can’t sleep. It’s driving me slowly out of my mind.

Sometimes I play the sound of rain as white noise and that’s good at soothing me but tonight it isn’t working so I’m writing my thoughts down and trying to pepper them with rain gifs that actually capture something of the movement of rain because then I can try to pass it off as an art blog post ;)

Part of the reason I gravitate towards the rain option for my white noise is very simple and rooted in my enjoyment of the experience of it raining – the noise, the change in the air, the smell. I like to be somewhere sheltered, dry and warm (don’t we all?) but without a complete barrier between me and the weather – inside a set of patio doors but with the doors flung open, or on a sheltered balcony with a blanket, or in the eaves of my parents’ house huddled just under the extremely low-hanging skylight (which would be open almost horizontally at that point).

But tonight, as I was trying to sleep, I started to think about the way that rainfall illuminates the world.

Lying in bed you can hear all the things that your eyes see but never really take note of. The bouncing water aurally carves out the shape of the roof, the material of the guttering, the drop of the drainpipe and the moment of rain hitting the rain that has become groundwater.

In a previous house where my bedroom was nearer the road you could tell how the cars were moving and how close to the kerb they came by the jets they pushed out from the puddles. You could also hear who had an umbrella by the taut elastic ping of the raindrops and who was soaking wet, passing by in a muted cloud of sodden “thp”s.

And tonight, after thinking about this, the white noise of my rain sounds is really bothering me because it’s not like anything I just said.

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