Carl Kleiner creates lollipop sculptures from studio oddments

Flavour 2 – Carl Kleiner

I’m a big fan of Carl Kleiner’s artwork. His highly organised and structured aesthetic manages to tread that fine line between clean and sterile without losing its playfulness. In fact, you’ll probably know his style if you have even a passing interest in art and design from his work on the recipe book Homemade is Best where he organised the ingredients for the recipes in beautiful and genre-atypical ways against bright coloured backgrounds.

Flavour 3 – Carl Kleiner

His new series, Lollipops, works from the same aesthetic page with material samples arranged into popsicle-esque forms of varying complexity. Kleiner says of the project:
“I’m a collector of different materials, and I have a lot of samples arranged in my studio window. I re-arrange them every now and then. It is like my Japanese garden.
“One hot summer day I built a composition looking like an ice cream that I felt Ettore Sottsass would have liked, and I felt very inspired and made this series.”

Flavour 4 – Carl Kleiner

What do you think?

I’m a fan of Flavours 2 and 3 but the other two don’t seem to have that same spirit – slightly overworked, perhaps? They seem to lose their lollipop-ness as they get more complex.

Flavour 1 – Carl Kleiner