Octopus Monday: Kinder Aggugini’s tentacles evening gown

Kinder Aggugini SS2013

Kinder Aggugini SS2013

The second Kinder Aggugini sent a model down the catwalk in an evening dress with velvet octopus tentacles on it, he won Spring/Summer 2013  as far as I was concerned. Bit of a bugger that I still have to report on the rest of fashion week for my day job then, but I shall soldier on.

Of the collection, Aggugini said (via his London Fashion Week profile):

“I read ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ by Hemmingway again recently after many years and it touched me deeply. Although a very sad story, it depicts the strength of womankind. For spring/summer 2013, I wanted to bring this to idea to life in an optimistic and eccentric way. I used conversational prints as the bias of the collection, to echo the conversations that man has with sea and that women have with each other.”

I haven’t read The Old Man and the Sea in years, but as far as I recall it is the story of a fisherman and his battle to catch a marlin which is subsequently eaten by sharks before benefitting anyone. In terms of metaphor, Kurt Vonnegut pointed out in Timequake that it may have been written in reaction to negative reviews of a previous novel (presumably the marlin being the novel and the sharks being the critics who destroyed it before it could offer nourishment to the masses waiting back on the shore – writers and their egos, eh?) but I am really not seeing the connection with women. In fact one of the things I noticed when reading it was the almost complete absence of female characters, unless you could the sea itself.

If you’ve read the book more recently and can offer any particular insight I’d be really interested to hear it.

(Photo via @RimmelLondonAU)