One Memento or “how an iPhone app provoked an existential crisis”

One Memento

One Memento by Robot Corp is an iPhone photo app which seeks to challenge our current habit of info dumping online by allowing users to post but a single image on its servers.

From the press release:

“Every day 1.3 Million images are uploaded to, 3 Million to Flickr & 250 Million to Facebook. People take so many photos, from anything to everything and each mundane meal in between, it’s like we’ve forgotten the photograph’s ability to create and keep memories.”

As someone who has (rather meanly) felt that several friends are badly in need of an editor when it comes to their photo posting habits it’s an appealing idea. A kind of antidote to the ease of oversharing online. But having downloaded the app a month or so back I’m no closer to uploading a picture. In fact the longer I think about the idea, the less likely it seems that I will ever come to do so.

One Memento

Why should that be?

Well, I suspect it’s because One Memento has provoked in me a kind of existential crisis. I take photos now wondering, like the neurotic protagonist of a terribly written piece of romance fiction, whether this will be The One – the single best photo I will ever take or that best sums up my experience of this life.

My whole world view is based around the fact that I need to believe that the experiential void of the future has the potential for better things than both the past and the present. If you start to suspect you might have peaked in some way that’s a massive problem.

One Memento

Obviously, this reeks of having too much time on my hands and being an insufferable tit. So to add a touch of perspective I will say that part of me knows that deciding the future is unlivable on the basis of whether or not I upload a photo taken on an already outdated iPhone is utterly ridiculous.

And yet, here I am, paralysed in the face of an upload button.

Well played, One Memento. Well played.

(And having said all of that you should all still go and download it!)

One Memento, free, via iTunes