Dynamics Of The Subway video fuses geometry and music to create train

Keita Onishi’s animated video for Dynamics of the Subway by Haisuinonasa is a rather lovely exercise in audiovisual synaesthesia.

The piece was created exclusively using Cinema 4D and, according to Onishi:

“Each note from the instruments is represented by a geometric shape in the animation; while these shapes move in sync with the song, they also form the parts that create the subway itself.”

I found the gif above on the Experiments in Motion blog (which I have subsequently bookmarked) which shows* how the subway train gets constructed from the notes before zooming off as a 3D model.

Out of curiosity I went to Haisuinonasa’s website to see whether this fit with their wider aesthetic. They have a really simple-looking Flash animated landing page where you can click around on eight different strips to uncover an image as well as triggering different sound effects – so I’m guessing that’s a yes!


*Well, the first half of the gif shows that – the second half is just because I think the person who made it decided that it was a smoother visual to just run the gif forwards and backwards with the train building and dismantling itself over and over.

Animal Bodies by Haisuinonasa (which contains Dynamics Of The Subway) is available on iTunes

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