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Gallery: Taxidermy and Tea with The Robin Collective

On Saturday I got into the Halloween spirit with a rather ghoulish outing in Hackney. But rather than attacking a bottle of gin while wearing a vampire costume  and listening to the Monster… Continue reading

Curious X-ray miscellanea

Again, in keeping with the spirit of Hallowe’en I’ve been looking at X-ray photography, even exploring whether I could infact build my own X-ray machine at home. I think it’s completely possible but… Continue reading

Bodies: Earls Court

Moral Dilemma: Bodies exhibition at Earls Court. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it advertised. It’s an exhibition of real dead people preserved using new technology and enabling us to experience firsthand that which… Continue reading

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another…

Today, while I was having coffee with a friend, there was an item on BBC News 24 about the woman who underwent a face transplant. It was amazingly interesting and I’m suitably impressed… Continue reading