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Black Marble: Watch Nasa’s phenomenally beautiful nighttime Earth animation

This is so astonishingly wonderful. I wish I could make it loop on YouTube because I would happily watch it for hours. You can also download the high resolution images and the animation… Continue reading

Wind Map artwork captures Hurricane Sandy as stunning swirling vortex

With the world’s eyes firmly trained on Hurricane Sandy, it seems like an excellent time to flag up Hint.FM’s wonderful Wind Map* which is currently showing a swirling vortex just along the coast… Continue reading

Love is Making Its Way Back Home in stunning papercraft animation

The video for Josh Ritter’s single, Love Is Making Its Way Back Home, directed by Erez Horovitz consists of more than 12,000 pieces of construction paper and has absolutely zero post production. It’s fantastically… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Is octopus/fish stop motion porno art?

One of the dangers of running the Octopus Monday feature is that there are people out there who get a little freaky with tentacles. You find yourself idly flicking through search results and… Continue reading

Adventures in 3D: Celebratory New Year Wigglegram

This was my first attempt at a wigglegram – it’s a kind of poor man’s 3D which tricks the brain into thinking it’s seeing some kind of depth by alternating between pictures of… Continue reading

Scintillating – the explosive orchids of Xavier Chassaing

I was searching for something beautiful to help me relax this evening so I turned to Vimeo. I was not disappointed. Apparently Xavier used a mixture of stop motion (there are 35,000 photos… Continue reading

Pottermore interview: Simon Lloyd and Christine Turner talk secrecy, stop-motion and super-size books

If you’ve been obsessively watching and rewatching the Pottermore video announcement, chances are you’re now seeing papercraft owls and spiders in your sleep thanks to the gorgeous animation scenes. The Pottermore animation was… Continue reading

Pottermore announcement – it’s all about the animated papercraft owls!

So today the world has gone Pottermore crazy as JK Rowling unveiled an interactive Harry Potter experience which will feature previously unpublished material from the wizarding saga. What caught my attention, though, was… Continue reading

Harry Potter’s Three Brothers vs Lotte Reiniger

When I watched the penultimate Harry Potter film, the thing that stuck with me was definitely the short animation which accompanied the Tale of the Three Brothers (a kind of wizard fairy story).… Continue reading

The beautiful game – gorgeous football animation

Richard Swarbrick has succeeded in making the beautiful game into a stunning one with his El Clásico animation which celebrates Barcelona’s 5-0 drubbing of Real Madrid in November 2010: This particular video was… Continue reading