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What Hitler’s painting collection tells us about our ideas of art

16 paintings in the Czech Republic have been confirmed as being from the art collection of Adolf Hitler. The paintings were moved to the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) to avoid damage during Allied… Continue reading

Picasso word cloud

This evening I found my dissertation. I also found Wordle.Net. I have now smooshed them both together to create an aesthetically pleasing word cloud of the most frequently used words.

Postmodernism and Movements

Since I quite enjoy a little rebellion against the art theory behemoth of postmodernism I decided to conduct my own not-hugely-academic investigation of current art movements. Hurrah!

In modern art we need to keep track of who has the penis…

Freudian interpretation of fetishes (in its simplest terms) states that the fetish object represents the penis of the castrated mother and allows the child (usually male) to ‘know’ that his mother doesn’t have… Continue reading

The Turner Prize vs. Guardian reader comments

Recently I’ve been fuming fairly annoyed over comments left in response to the Turner Prize on the Guardian’s website. It happens every year. The comments page gets congested with cries of “Close the… Continue reading

Should Art Be Destroyed (short answer: no)

Currently I am incredulous but my mood could change to anything from furious to seething to pity. You see I was reading an article as background for my dissertation. After the first paragraph… Continue reading