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Wind Map artwork captures Hurricane Sandy as stunning swirling vortex

With the world’s eyes firmly trained on Hurricane Sandy, it seems like an excellent time to flag up Hint.FM’s wonderful Wind Map* which is currently showing a swirling vortex just along the coast… Continue reading

Christophe Huet creates impossible, wonderful Christmas presents

Christophe Huet has managed to create a series of pictures which capture that magical and completely impossible vision of Christmas we collectively seem to love. What I found fascinating was the option to… Continue reading

A shout out for Pinterest

While I was reading the article by Which? that points out that some online company’s T&Cs are longer than Shakespeare plays, I received an email from Pinterest to flag up changes to their… Continue reading

Did Google just advertise the best job in the world?

You might have noticed Google’s been stepping up its game in terms of Google Doodles over the last few months – well, it looks like that’s set to continue (YAY) as the search… Continue reading

Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night (interactive animation)

Petros Vrellis has attempted to visualise the flow of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (one of the most famous and loved paintings in the world) using openFrameworks. You can’t interact with the… Continue reading

Correcting Mondrian – site allows you to create your own Compositions

Some friends and I went to see the Courtauld Gallery’s Mondrian || Nicholson In Parallel show (very enjoyable, especially when you’re all spending the visit drafting a screenplay where Mondrian is a man… Continue reading

s[edition] launches digital art marketplace – a £500 Damien Hirst video could be yours (and 1,999 other people’s)

This afternoon I signed up for s[edition]. s[edition] bills itself as a revolutionary new way to collect art by the world’s leading contemporary artists in digital format. By this it means that it… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Octodad 2 on Kickstarter!

If you haven’t heard of it, Kickstarter is an excellent funding platform for creative endeavours. How it works is the creative types who need funding pitch their idea to you, the republic of… Continue reading

Will we bin easels for pixels?

Olivia Solon wrote a piece for Metro today entitled “Why we’ll bin easels for pixels” to highlight the rise of digital artforms as exemplified by the likes of Troika. I’m hugely interested in… Continue reading