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Hey, Mars fans! Take a look at Eva Stenram’s Per Pulverem Ad Astra

Thanks to NASA’s successful (and utterly awesome – in the traditional sense of the word) landing of the Mars Curiosity rover, pictures of Mars have been high on my agenda this week. Irritatingly… Continue reading

The Animals of Low Moral Standing

The Etsy blog recently hero-ed these posters by R.S. Posnak showing the relative moral standing of a variety of animals. You should definitely go there to read what Posnak has to say about… Continue reading

Crisp, clean and texture-rich photo collages from Liesl Pfeffer

The above is my absolute favourite of Liesl Pfeffer’s photo collages. It’s called Summer Fjord and perfectly demonstrates her ability to work with colour and texture without overcomplicating an idea. Liesl is based… Continue reading

Louis Lang: French fabric prints which would be awesome as wallpaper

Parisian designer Louis Lang produced fabric patterns between 1935-1970. They caught my eye because I like the colour choices he makes, particularly the yellow and blue palette of the fishing print above. According… Continue reading

The people prints of Jayoon Choi

  I saw Jayoon Choi at work in the window of Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road, drawing her lovely sketchy people on the window with white pen as part of Jealous Gallery’s week-long… Continue reading

The marvellous martian art of Alvim Correa

While perusing the British Library’s new print service I found several beautiful works by Alvim Correa. They’re deep in early science fiction territory and have a wonderful sort of Batteries-Not-Included-meets-Hammer-Horror flavour to them.… Continue reading

British Library launches online print service

  The British Library has just launched an on-demand print service meaning you can own many of the stunning (and in some cases world renowned) images from the Library archives. The service, which… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Sarah A King’s Text-opus

This Octopus Monday is something I saw last year at Pick Me Up – a print art fair at Somerset House. The artist is Sarah A King and the print tells part of… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: CBS Outdoor adverts – Urban By Nature

All over the London Underground CBS Outdoor are touting for business. After all, why not prod prospective clients in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics? And to be fair, it must be working… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: An Octopus Drinking Tea

Actually the title is slightly misleading – the best thing about this octopus (a most handsome fellow, reproduced from an original watercolour by Georgia Dunn) is not the tiny cup of tea but… Continue reading