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Mount Fear by Abigail Reynolds creates a mountainous landscape from crime statistics

Abigail Reynolds’ Mount Fear takes the East London Police Statistics for violent crimes 2002-3 and converts them into a mountainous cardboard landscape. Although it’s an older work (it was exhibited at Nottingham’s Trade… Continue reading

Carl Kleiner creates lollipop sculptures from studio oddments

I’m a big fan of Carl Kleiner’s artwork. His highly organised and structured aesthetic manages to tread that fine line between clean and sterile without losing its playfulness. In fact, you’ll probably know… Continue reading

Bird sculpture interview: “Every bird and idea has a way to be done”

Curious to find out more about the gorgeous paper bird sculptures I featured on this blog a little while ago I got in touch with Diana Beltran Herrera – the sculpter – to… Continue reading

Van Gogh’s Starry Night In Dominos

I swear I could run an art blog solely based around ways artists rework and reinterpret Van Gogh’s Starry Night! The latest creation I’ve seen is FlippyCat‘s domino rendition which took two attempts,… Continue reading

Delicate paper birds have delicate paper insides

Diana Beltran Herrera makes these stunningly detailed paper bird sculptures (as well as other animals) and posts the results on her Flickr channel. My favourites are those above which show the little paper… Continue reading

Kinetic Rain: Hypnotic droplet installation moves into Changi Airport

I do love the Kinetic Rain sculpture at Terminal 1 of Singapore’s Changi Airport – it reminds me of the Troika Shoal in Toronto’s Waterfront building. Airports are such massive spaces and they… Continue reading

Collapsible birdcage sculptures marry technical skill with visual simplicity

Kevin Steele is a graphic designer currently studying for a fine art masters at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University. He does these fascinating paper/book sculptures which are… Continue reading

Stunning miniature food probably looks more appetising than what’s in your fridge

As a child, my absolute favourite thing about my grandparents’ dollhouse was the tiny tiny doll food. I could care less about the miniature furniture and the dolls themselves, but the tiny plates… Continue reading

Dominic Wilcox: “I nibbled Britain out of Jaffa Cakes”

With the Olympics looming large on the 2012 horizon and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee gathering pace there’s a definite focus on all things British. With that in mind, UK-based biscuit company McVities challenged… Continue reading

A literal never-ending love story by Barry Cipra

Barry Cipra – a freelance maths writer – came up with this really neat artwork based on the Mobius strip. In case you’ve never encountered a Mobius strip before, it’s a loop –… Continue reading