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Christmas Card 13! Beyond declare Santa dead using science

Design Studio, Beyond, have taken a slightly unusual approach to Christmas cards this year – and by “unusual” I mean that they have used science and maths to declare Santa dead in their… Continue reading

Christmas Card 3! Christmas Card to Friends – Group Hug

Christmas Card to Friends is a 2011 project by Group Hug – the name given to trio of friends, Grant Harold, Nathan de Ceasar and Stephen Fitzgerald: “A friend of mine, Grant Harold,… Continue reading

Dynamics Of The Subway video fuses geometry and music to create train

Keita Onishi’s animated video for Dynamics of the Subway by Haisuinonasa is a rather lovely exercise in audiovisual synaesthesia. The piece was created exclusively using Cinema 4D and, according to Onishi: “Each note from… Continue reading

A 3D masterclass with Hexstatic’s Stuart Warren-Hill

Last weekend I found myself at a fascinating talk by Stuart Warren-Hill, founder of Hexstatic and Holotronica, where he demonstrated his work in the field of 3D filmmaking and offered up advice as… Continue reading

A collection of rain gifs (and words)

I can’t sleep. It’s driving me slowly out of my mind. Sometimes I play the sound of rain as white noise and that’s good at soothing me but tonight it isn’t working so… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: The heartbeat monitor screenplay

I’ve been spending the last few evenings coughing dramatically (it’s the tail end of a cold and I feel like not enough attention is being paid), catching up on Breaking Bad (because when you… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Pulsing musical chromatophores

Not strictly an octopus BUT it is a cephalopod so at least we’re in the right ballpark when it comes to class, if not order. What you can see is a video recording… Continue reading

Painting with words in gorgeous Sky advert

This award-winning advert for Sky’s audio description service has apparently been kicking around for a while, but my office’s televisions recently switched to showing the Sky channels so I only saw it for… Continue reading

Wim Wenders announces winner of Montblanc’s The Beauty of a Second contest

Wim Wenders announces winner of Montblanc’s The Beauty of a Second contest

Jan Herms has been named the winner of Montblanc’s The Beauty of a Second short film contest.

The competition – possibly the shortest short film contest in the world – invited entrants to submit a single second of video footage which embodied the beauty and fragility of a moment. 

Montblanc don’t actually say which of his entries Jan Herms won for but looking at the three I can find on the site I

The shortest short film competition in the world?

The winner of Montblanc’s The Beauty of a Second competition is being presented on 20 March* in Berlin by Wim Wenders so I’ve been spending some of my time catching up with the… Continue reading