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Supernatural – Marble Arch

Here’s a nifty bit of advertising I saw at Marble Arch on Monday for the new series of Supernatural.

School of Saatchi: Episode 4 (final)

Click in for a recap of the final episode of School of Saatchi.

School of Saatchi: Episode 3

A recap of the latest episode of ‘School of Saatchi’ where the artists must create artworks for Sudeley Castle.

School of Saatchi: Episode 2

A recap of the second episode of ‘School of Saatchi’ – the artists create public artwork in Hastings.

School of Saatchi: Episode 1

A blog recap of School of Saatchi, BBC1 November 23rd

Kseniya Simonova, Ukraine’s Got Talent

Kseniya Simonova – Ukraine’s Got Talent, 2009 Now, I don’t know much about Ukraine beyond some books by Andrey Kurkov and Marina Lewycka but it seems to me that they must be something… Continue reading

Britain’s Next Top Missing Make Me a Project Runway

Britain’s Missing Next Top Make Me A Supermodel (or whatever clunky and ridiculous title they’ve given it) was underwhelming as a competition and as vaguely art related entertainment but interesting as a study of… Continue reading

ANTM: Who should have won?

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD! Whitney? Are you kidding me?! In fact, every single one of the final FOUR “models” were entirely duff choices. Just imagine – if Whitney had not… Continue reading

Doctor dentata

When I arrived home at about 1am Sunday morning after a good day in London I began writing an essay about the TARDIS as archaic mother and how she represented the vagina dentata… Continue reading