Christmas Card 6! A triangular tree from Alicia Cambra

This design appeals to my inner (and outer) gaming nerd, recalling all manner of polygonal terrain stretching into the distance – Darwinia especially. I also like Alicia Cambra’s printing choice as it’s something… Continue reading

Christmas Card 5! Animals in chic winter knitwear

Alexander Linden has done a series of four Christmas cards for The Åland Post in Sweden – these are my two favourites. The one above is because the deer looks impossibly chic and ridiculously content,… Continue reading

Christmas Card 4! Cute Christmas maths equations from Se Ha Ido Ya Mama

This one isn’t a Christmas card – more of a Christmas infographic/activity sheet template by Se Ha Ido Ya Mama but this section really caught my eye and could be easily converted into… Continue reading

Christmas Card 3! Christmas Card to Friends – Group Hug

Christmas Card to Friends is a 2011 project by Group Hug – the name given to trio of friends, Grant Harold, Nathan de Ceasar and Stephen Fitzgerald: “A friend of mine, Grant Harold,… Continue reading

Forget whether it’s art, I don’t even know what Jonathan Jones thinks a game is

Brief background: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York has acquired some videogames for its permanent collection. Jonathan Jones then wrote a response blog for The Guardian saying that videogames aren’t… Continue reading

Christmas Card 2! Volvo fluorescent card – Ivan Ivanov

This glow-in-the-dark Volvo Christmas card from Ivan Ivanov makes a festive tree from headlight beams while it’s not entirely accurate in terms of light physics, it’s a really well executed neat solution. The… Continue reading

Christmas Card 1! Dragon Card – Yurko Gatsulyak

I am going to try and highlight a wonderful Christmas card design every day from now until Christmas as a sort of design-based advent calendar. To start proceedings here’s something a little out… Continue reading