We love it?

So, the Page 3 argument seems to hinge on “harmless fun” and “a celebration of the female form”. I think this would hold slightly more water than a bucket riddled with holes and… Continue reading

Meanies bathe in mudpuddles.

This whole funding thing is a right lark and a half isn’t it? In short, I qualify for approximately NONE of the available helpful financial schemes. I could take out a Career Development… Continue reading

Joseph Conrad, Museum of Canterbury

Joseph Conrad (writer of such things as Heart of Darkness and inspirer of such films as Apocalypse Now and Apocalypse Now REDUX) used to live near Canterbury and is buried in the city… Continue reading

Doctor dentata

When I arrived home at about 1am Sunday morning after a good day in London I began writing an essay about the TARDIS as archaic mother and how she represented the vagina dentata… Continue reading

The Death of Miffrat

The second (and last) in my series of images shoehorning popular Dutch rabbit Miffy into famous works of art sees her recreating Jean-Paul Marat’s ultimate relaxing soak. Here is a link to The… Continue reading


As a result of an afternoon spent with an inordinate amount of free time and a constant supply of tea, I give you Miffelia! Yes, that’s right, I have taken an image I… Continue reading

In the Face of History: European Photographers in the 20th Century: Barbican Art Gallery

Yesterday I attended an exhibition of photography at the Barbican entitled In the Face of History: European Photographers in the 20th Century. Here there were some works by Boris Mikhailov. The accompanying wall… Continue reading

Arno Breker: Schleswig-Holstein-Haus

The work of Arno Breker, the man generally given the wholly un-cuddly soubriquet “Hitler’s favourite sculptor”, is currently being exhibited in Schwerin (Schleswig-Holstein-Haus), Germany. The idea to hold such an exhibition at all… Continue reading

One Goya scatters a hundred griefs

The Independent are currently doing something whereby everyday you can get a short biography of an artist and one of their artworks in poster form. Tuesday saw me picking up said newspaper in… Continue reading

In modern art we need to keep track of who has the penis…

Freudian interpretation of fetishes (in its simplest terms) states that the fetish object represents the penis of the castrated mother and allows the child (usually male) to ‘know’ that his mother doesn’t have… Continue reading