Carl Kleiner creates lollipop sculptures from studio oddments

I’m a big fan of Carl Kleiner’s artwork. His highly organised and structured aesthetic manages to tread that fine line between clean and sterile without losing its playfulness. In fact, you’ll probably know… Continue reading

A 3D masterclass with Hexstatic’s Stuart Warren-Hill

Last weekend I found myself at a fascinating talk by Stuart Warren-Hill, founder of Hexstatic and Holotronica, where he demonstrated his work in the field of 3D filmmaking and offered up advice as… Continue reading

A collection of rain gifs (and words)

I can’t sleep. It’s driving me slowly out of my mind. Sometimes I play the sound of rain as white noise and that’s good at soothing me but tonight it isn’t working so… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: The heartbeat monitor screenplay

I’ve been spending the last few evenings coughing dramatically (it’s the tail end of a cold and I feel like not enough attention is being paid), catching up on Breaking Bad (because when you… Continue reading

Bird sculpture interview: “Every bird and idea has a way to be done”

Curious to find out more about the gorgeous paper bird sculptures I featured on this blog a little while ago I got in touch with Diana Beltran Herrera – the sculpter – to… Continue reading

The BEST thing about Cookie Monster’s Call Me Maybe video

I have been listening to the Cookie Monster’s rendition of Call Me Maybe pretty much on repeat since it first arrived on YouTube (yes, I do subscribe to Sesame Street – what of… Continue reading