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A grumpy piranha and other wonderful Pictograms by Jan Filek

I found these pictograms via TrendsNow earlier today. They’re a lovely¬†collection of line drawings of animals by Dusseldorf-based designer, Jan Filek. A friend¬†described them as modern hieroglyphics which I liked as a concept.… Continue reading

The Animals of Low Moral Standing

The Etsy blog recently hero-ed these posters by R.S. Posnak showing the relative moral standing of a variety of animals. You should definitely go there to read what Posnak has to say about… Continue reading

Are you the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012?

The Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 competition is accepting entries, so what I’d like to know is have any of you ever entered or considered entering? I ask because I’ve… Continue reading

I went to the zoo, zoo, zoo! (And you can come too)

It was a strange experience going to the zoo in an age when good technology is readily available, though. An awful lot of people stand in front of the animals just long enough… Continue reading

The Importance of having Tentacles

Some beautiful Flickr images of jellyfish