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Dynamics Of The Subway video fuses geometry and music to create train

Keita Onishi’s animated video for Dynamics of the Subway by Haisuinonasa is a rather lovely exercise in audiovisual synaesthesia. The piece was created exclusively using Cinema 4D and, according to Onishi: “Each note from… Continue reading

Painting with words in gorgeous Sky advert

This award-winning advert for Sky’s audio description service has apparently been kicking around for a while, but my office’s televisions recently switched to showing the Sky channels so I only saw it for… Continue reading

Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night (interactive animation)

Petros Vrellis has attempted to visualise the flow of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (one of the most famous and loved paintings in the world) using openFrameworks. You can’t interact with the… Continue reading

Electrocuted olives and animated trains – when Intel does art

The press release for Remastered arrived in my inbox the other day and I must say it looks rather exciting! It’s a short-running exhibition at One Marylebone (a venue I’m rather partial to)… Continue reading

Train of Thought – a beautifully crafted animated short

In a world made entirely out of paper, the wistful drawings in a man′s sketchbook are brought to life by the rhythm of a train journey… Train of Thought is Leo Bridle and… Continue reading

Swirling hand vortex

Fans of things that move and look cool will probably like these animations from Emilio Gomariz. Link via Today and Tomorrow.

Temporal art from Lee Arnold

I was idly searching Vimeo this afternoon and came across a few lovely stop motion/timelapse videos by New York-based artist Lee Arnold. Hit play to watch them and let me know what you… Continue reading