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British Library launches online print service

  The British Library has just launched an on-demand print service meaning you can own many of the stunning (and in some cases world renowned) images from the Library archives. The service, which… Continue reading

Intriguing things you find when you search Etsy for ‘vagina’ (NSFW, obvs)

I may be going slightly stir crazy having spent nearly a week in the countryside with my family but hey, it’s art and at least I’m being good enough to share the results… Continue reading

Martin Boyce wins 2011 Turner Prize

Hooray! My personal favourite from the Turner Prize 2011 shortlist, Martin Boyce, won the £25,000. If you’re looking at this post and wondering who on earth Martin Boyce is and why I think… Continue reading

Should we be vandalising art a bit more often?

A painting by Nicolas Poussin was vandalised while hanging on public display in the National Gallery this weekend. It got me wondering whether a bit more red spray paint would actually be a… Continue reading

Tracey Emin – Love is What You Want

I’ve been trying to see whether Tracey Emin’s video work Why I Never Became A Dancer is available online to share with you. I went to see Love is What You Want –… Continue reading

Creative frustration

Recently I’ve been unable to visit any art events – a combination of ending up in the office later than I would like and having a lot of life admin to do in… Continue reading

Artfinder: initial impressions

Here are my initial impressions of Artfinder – currently being billed as “the Last.fm for art”. (FYI co-founder and CEO Spencer Hyman was formerly COO of Last.fm) These are very quick and dirty… Continue reading

The Massacre in Korea

As part of my undergraduate degree I wrote a thesis on why Massacre in Korea (1951) – one of Picasso’s only overtly political paintings – was a complete and utter failure. I’m currently… Continue reading

Awkward gallery moments and how to deal with them

When pacing a gallery you occasionally find yourself faced with awkward situations. Luckily most of these can be resolved with some very basic acting skills. In the spirit of generosity I’ve decided to… Continue reading

Swirling hand vortex

Fans of things that move and look cool will probably like these animations from Emilio Gomariz. Link via Today and Tomorrow.