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Own a Quentin Blake print for 46p thanks to Royal Mail’s new stamps

The Royal Mail are currently honouring author Roald Dahl with a special stamp programme featuring six of his children’s books. The Royal Mail describes the limited edition set asĀ “a tribute to one of… Continue reading

Guy Laramee: book sculptures create beautiful mountains from knowledge

Guy Laramee creates fantastically beautiful sculptures from books. From his artist statement: My work, in 3D as well as in painting, originates from the very idea that ultimate knowledge could very well be… Continue reading

For Piet’s Sake – Mondrian art from Mondrian books

Browsing ahead through lists of exhibitions I saw London Original Print Fair looming ahead at the Royal Academy (April 19-21, by the way) and decided to find out a bit more. The press… Continue reading

Judging books by their covers

  I have a confession to make. I judge books by their covers. Don’t get me wrong, the contents are important too but if they’re wrapped up in presentation I wouldn’t want to… Continue reading

Amazing book art

Idly trawling the internet for pictures of octopodes is a regular thing for me. I usually start off with the search term “awesome octopus” and see where that takes me – today it… Continue reading