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Christmas Card 3! Christmas Card to Friends – Group Hug

Christmas Card to Friends is a 2011 project by Group Hug – the name given to trio of friends, Grant Harold, Nathan de Ceasar and Stephen Fitzgerald: “A friend of mine, Grant Harold,… Continue reading

Christmas Card 2! Volvo fluorescent card – Ivan Ivanov

This glow-in-the-dark Volvo Christmas card from Ivan Ivanov makes a festive tree from headlight beams while it’s not entirely accurate in terms of light physics, it’s a really well executed neat solution. The… Continue reading

Christmas Card 1! Dragon Card – Yurko Gatsulyak

I am going to try and highlight a wonderful Christmas card design every day from now until Christmas as a sort of design-based advent calendar. To start proceedings here’s something a little out… Continue reading

Possibly the BEST Valentine’s Day card in the world

I challenge any of you to find a better Valentine’s Day card than this: Seriously. Consider my gauntlet thrown down. Pride and Prejudice/Mr Darcy Valentine’s Day card – $4.40 on Etsy