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Flickr and Pinterest have awesome attribution news for you…

Oooh – this afternoon Flickr and Pinterest launched a Pinterest button to sit within Flickr’s own share menu on photos. The button will, above all other things, ensure that images pinned from the… Continue reading

The world’s first literal diamond ring

I don’t often feature jewellery on this art blog (perhaps I should do it more) but Geneva-based jewellery firm Shawish have created the world’s first literal diamond ring and I really admire its… Continue reading

With Twitpics embracing the dark side, who can you trust with your pictures?

I try to keep up to date with copyright law- after all as¬†journalist, a photographer and a blogger it has the power to¬†significantly affect my personal and professional life. That said, it was… Continue reading

Artfinder: initial impressions

Here are my initial impressions of Artfinder – currently being billed as “the Last.fm for art”. (FYI co-founder and CEO Spencer Hyman was formerly COO of Last.fm) These are very quick and dirty… Continue reading