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The Animals of Low Moral Standing

The Etsy blog recently hero-ed these posters by R.S. Posnak showing the relative moral standing of a variety of animals. You should definitely go there to read what Posnak has to say about… Continue reading

Super-stylish posters condense TV shows to three symbols – can you guess them?

I feel in love with these when they appeared on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed and remembered I wanted to share them with you! They are redesigned TV show posters (by the talented duo Eurydyka… Continue reading

Louis Lang: French fabric prints which would be awesome as wallpaper

Parisian designer Louis Lang produced fabric patterns between 1935-1970. They caught my eye because I like the colour choices he makes, particularly the yellow and blue palette of the fishing print above. According… Continue reading

Interview: Mike Bodge explains NSkyC, a gorgeous online art project

NSkyC is a simple-but-ace web art project by designer Mike Bodge which displays the average colour of the sky over New York City every five minutes. The results are gorgeous and you can… Continue reading

Real life Sims breakfast!

As part of a competition designers were asked to create a curious story using the Curious Collection range of paper. There are some utterly amazing designs in the galleries but this is the… Continue reading

Underfull, Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine Bjaadal has designed a tablecoth which is supposed to absorb spills and turn them into a personal artwork memory blanket.