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The Animals of Low Moral Standing

The Etsy blog recently hero-ed these posters by R.S. Posnak showing the relative moral standing of a variety of animals. You should definitely go there to read what Posnak has to say about… Continue reading

Stunning miniature food probably looks more appetising than what’s in your fridge

As a child, my absolute favourite thing about my grandparents’ dollhouse was the tiny tiny doll food. I could care less about the miniature furniture and the dolls themselves, but the tiny plates… Continue reading

Possibly the BEST Valentine’s Day card in the world

I challenge any of you to find a better Valentine’s Day card than this: Seriously. Consider my gauntlet thrown down. Pride and Prejudice/Mr Darcy Valentine’s Day card – $4.40 on Etsy

Starry Night inspirations: an Etsy shopping list

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh regularly tops lists of the world’s favourite art – in fact, an oil painting reproduction company recently revealed that the famous work was their customers’ most… Continue reading

Intriguing things you find when you search Etsy for ‘vagina’ (NSFW, obvs)

I may be going slightly stir crazy having spent nearly a week in the countryside with my family but hey, it’s art and at least I’m being good enough to share the results… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife

Elisa┬áLazo de Valdez has a stunning photo series in her Etsy shop called Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. They’re probably ever so slightly not safe for work ┬áso bear that in mind before… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: An Octopus Drinking Tea

Actually the title is slightly misleading – the best thing about this octopus (a most handsome fellow, reproduced from an original watercolour by Georgia Dunn) is not the tiny cup of tea but… Continue reading

The Valentine’s Octopus

As a lover of all things octopus, this is the ONLY Valentine’s related merchandise I can bear to countenance today. The artist’s Etsy shop is populated with works like this which have been… Continue reading