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Stunning miniature food probably looks more appetising than what’s in your fridge

As a child, my absolute favourite thing about my grandparents’ dollhouse was the tiny tiny doll food. I could care less about the miniature furniture and the dolls themselves, but the tiny plates… Continue reading

Flickr and Pinterest have awesome attribution news for you…

Oooh – this afternoon Flickr and Pinterest launched a Pinterest button to sit within Flickr’s own share menu on photos. The button will, above all other things, ensure that images pinned from the… Continue reading

Lithuanian photographer creates tiny planets via photostitching

Paulius (I’m afraid I only have the Flickr username to go by) has created these great panorama planets by stitching together a collection of photos taken from the same vantage point but turned… Continue reading

Flickr darkens pics for #SOPA #PIPA protest blackout

Irritatingly I only saw this as the end of the day approached but Flickr are allowing users to symbolically darken their images to raise awareness for protests against #SOPA and #PIPA – the… Continue reading

Making a splash: Markus Reugels captures spectacular water shots (III)

My last post on Markus Reugels (for now – I make no promises beyond the next few days!) focuses on his Refractions series. Single droplets of water with images refracted within them –… Continue reading

Making a splash: Markus Reugels captures spectacular water shots (II)

So yesterday I showed you Markus Reugels’ Liquid Sculptures. Today it’s all about the Liquid Splashes. The main difference between the two is the setup – while the Sculptures use a balloon and… Continue reading

Making a splash: Markus Reugels captures spectacular water shots (I)

I could spend DAYS looking at Markus Reugels’ water photography. In fact I think I’ll probably split this post into two parts simply so I have an excuse to include more of it.… Continue reading

Alan Sailer and his amazing exploding articles

Alan Sailer’s high-speed photography combines a vibrant aesthetic with technical skill to capture astonishing shots. Don’t believe me? Take a look…

A beautiful custom bokeh video

Bokeh (the blur quality of out of focus areas in an image), while very pretty, can get a tad repetitive – especially when you spend as much time on Flickr as I do.… Continue reading

Danbo: resistance is futile (especially on Flickr)

If you’ve EVER searched for anything on Flickr chances are you’ll be familiar with Danbo. You might have had no idea what she actually is (much like me until I lost my temper… Continue reading