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Levitating Susan – an airborne serving suggestion from Poeitic Studios

I was recently at Bompas & Parr’s Culinary Odyssey – a sort of sci-fi nostalgic look at the future of food via KitchenAid products. One of the food stations made use of this… Continue reading

Dominic Wilcox: “I nibbled Britain out of Jaffa Cakes”

With the Olympics looming large on the 2012 horizon and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee gathering pace there’s a definite focus on all things British. With that in mind, UK-based biscuit company McVities challenged… Continue reading

Stained glass citrus: Artist paints fruit slices like church windows

Dennis J. Wojtkiewicz does these oil paintings of fruit slices. He’s done cross sections through what looks to be quite the comprehensive fruit salad but my favourites by a mile are these citrus… Continue reading

Some snaps from the Cakey Perry tea party!


Cakey Perry – a high tea to melt your popsicle

Unless you’ve been hiding under a pop culture rock you’re probably familiar with the confectionery and cake fantasy that is the music video for be-wigged and be-latexed pop star Katy Perry’s California Gurls.… Continue reading