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Smog Tasting: How to monitor air pollution using meringues

“Thanks to Eggs we are able to harvest the air…at the ‘stiff peak’ stage…[egg] foam is approaching 90% air.” –  On Food and Cooking The Centre For Genomic Gastronomy ran a fascinating project… Continue reading

Levitating Susan – an airborne serving suggestion from Poeitic Studios

I was recently at Bompas & Parr’s Culinary Odyssey – a sort of sci-fi nostalgic look at the future of food via KitchenAid products. One of the food stations made use of this… Continue reading

Real life Sims breakfast!

As part of a competition designers were asked to create a curious story using the Curious Collection range of paper. There are some utterly amazing designs in the galleries but this is the… Continue reading

Homemade is Best (Carl Kleiner)

Gosh – I just saw some of the pictures from this Forsman & Bodenfors coffee table recipe book! The food photography (by Carl Kleiner) strays from the traditional closeups of tablecloths and luscious… Continue reading

Eat Your Heart Out!

Before I get down to writing about anything else I would like to post you a couple of pictures from Eat Your Heart Out – the adults only sequel to Cake Britain… I’m… Continue reading