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Decapod reality show: Pierre Huyghe’s Frieze commission

Without a doubt, the star of 2011’s Frieze Art Fair (yes, I’m still working through my camera backlog) was Pierre Huyghe’s hermit crab who roamed an aquarium wearing (and living in) a replica… Continue reading

Pink polyester plug sockets and other Do Ho Suh creations

Going through my camera’s memory card this weekend I realised that I hadn’t posted anything on here about 2011’s Frieze show. This is basically because I’d done a roundup for the women’s lifestyle… Continue reading

Frieze Art Fair 2010 #faf10

Thanks to a friend I did get to go to Frieze this year – hurrah! And somewhere between the arrival enthusiasm and the annual thumping headache (does no-one else get that?) I saw… Continue reading