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An anatomically correct glass brain in a tiny glass jar

Kiva Ford makes amazingly delicate tiny glass vases, jugs and miniature scientific instruments (which I probably couldn’t be trusted to look after)  but what I really love are his curious anatomical jar sculptures.… Continue reading

Pattern Completion

If you happen to be within meandering distance of Mayfair this weekend it’s well worth taking a trip to Davies Street and popping in to the Gimpel Fils gallery. Downstairs, in the back… Continue reading

A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter, Caleb Larson

Two cubic sculptures and how travel influences the art.

Roni Horn aka Roni Horn

A few hours after visiting Jeremy Hutchison’s show at the Menier Gallery I wandered on over to Tate Modern to see what I could see. Actually I knew what I was probably going to see and that was the Roni Horn retrospective. The only thing which could have derailed this plan was if Defining Constructivism had been dirt cheap. HAH.