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Giant Jelly Babies loom over Marble Arch

Those of you who live in London may have noticed a family of giant jellybabies taking up residence next to Marble Arch lido.  As a fan of jelly babies, sculpture and bright colours… Continue reading

Pattern Completion

If you happen to be within meandering distance of Mayfair this weekend it’s well worth taking a trip to Davies Street and popping in to the Gimpel Fils gallery. Downstairs, in the back… Continue reading

Everything Must Go/Colourcodes, Menier Gallery

Currently showing at the Menier Gallery on Southwark Street, Jeremy Hutchison’s first solo UK show explores language and the ways in which we invest meaning in arbitrary colours and shapes.

Dan Flavin retrospective: Hayward

I spent yesterday at the British Library’s Newspaper Reading Rooms in Colindale finding material for my dissertation. It was an incredibly successful trip marred only by the fact that I got travel sick… Continue reading