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Light sculpture inspired by Buddhist ideas of death

Scooting round Vimeo as I sometimes do, I found a light sculpture by Rachel Garrard called ‘The Clear Light of Death’. The work uses motion sensors to control lights arranged in the shape… Continue reading

Thousands of LEDs brighten Madison Square Garden this winter

This winter visitors to Madison Square Garden can enjoy Scattered Light – a series of three public artworks by the new media artist Jim Campbell. Each piece is inspired by cities and their… Continue reading

Fireworks Display… inside a toilet roll tube

Inspired by Anastasia Elias‘ adorable toilet roll tube scenarios I wanted to create one of my own. I thought something seasonal would be fun, plus it combines my existing love of silhouettes, fireworks and… Continue reading

Frequency And Volume, Barbican

A few weeks back I went to see Frequency and Volume at the Barbican Curve. It was an exhibition I later had to leave under embarassing circumstances.

Dan Flavin retrospective: Hayward

I spent yesterday at the British Library’s Newspaper Reading Rooms in Colindale finding material for my dissertation. It was an incredibly successful trip marred only by the fact that I got travel sick… Continue reading