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New horizons as Rothko and Sugimoto open Pace London

Pace Gallery has opened a London branch in the space just behind the Royal Academy to the right of where Haunch of Venison used to be. Opening the gallery is Rothko/Sugimoto: Dark Paintings and Seascapes… Continue reading

Rothko painting vandalised at Tate Modern

I read the news that one of Mark Rothko’s Seagram murals (Black on Maroon, 1958) had been vandalised at Tate Modern while I was at its sister gallery, Tate Britain, wandering the Pre-Raphaelite… Continue reading

Turner/Rothko, Tate Britain

On Sunday I decided to take a stroll over to Tate Britain to investigate the Colour & Line part of the Turner exhibition. The reasoning for this ran approximately thus: it is free.… Continue reading

Rothko: The Late Series, Tate Modern

Yesterday I went to Tate Modern’s Rothko exhibition (making the most of my current free entry status). I always think that in these things the first couple of rooms suffer. You need some kind of mental warm-up act for someone like Rothko because his work requires a lot of effort and a certain state of mind from the visitor.