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Black Marble: Watch Nasa’s phenomenally beautiful nighttime Earth animation

This is so astonishingly wonderful. I wish I could make it loop on YouTube because I would happily watch it for hours. You can also download the high resolution images and the animation… Continue reading

Hey, Mars fans! Take a look at Eva Stenram’s Per Pulverem Ad Astra

Thanks to NASA’s successful (and utterly awesome – in the traditional sense of the word) landing of the Mars Curiosity rover, pictures of Mars have been high on my agenda this week. Irritatingly… Continue reading

NASA’s Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth – Blue Marble 2012

Did you see this gorgeous high res ‘blue marble’ picture that NASA uploaded to their Flickr account? If I didn’t make the effort to do otherwise, I could EASILY devote this entire art… Continue reading

The Sun is squirting into interplanetary space

I saw this image in the paper the other day and resolved to find out more about it. NASA gives it the following caption: Still from video of Jan 19, 2012 long duration… Continue reading

Timelapse view from space (or ‘How light pollution can be lovely’)

I would absolutely love to go into space. Until that happens I will keep watching this timelapse video by Michael Konig on a loop. The images themselves are from NASA who are absolutely… Continue reading

Liliane Lijn combines real space debris with frozen smoke for Stardust Ruins

I caught sight of Liliane Lijn’s Stardust Ruins while at a party in Riflemaker gallery this evening. It’s a stunning piece of work and I really wanted to share some pictures: The cones… Continue reading

Flaming Star wins 2011 Combustion Art Awards

Didn’t have time to post this last week so Happy Sunday! But what is it? Flaming Star is an artwork which won first prize in the 2011 Combustion Art Competition. According to NASA’s… Continue reading

Aurora Philippalis

Space through a lens

I’m currently working on an art project of my own and it has led me to some most excellent images. Here are links to a few of them – they’re well worth checking… Continue reading