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Leonardo da Vinci show to be affected by National Gallery strike?

Strike action will be taking place at the National Gallery on Thursday, 19 Jan (1-3pm) and Saturday, 28 Jan (4-6pm). It is likely that a number of rooms will be closed but the… Continue reading

Leonardo da Vinci: 2 hours queuing and 5 1/2 hours waiting – worth it?

UPDATE: For advice on when to arrive to queue for tickets as well as other helpful information don’t forget to scroll to the comments and check the most recent! Justine’s is particularly detailed… Continue reading

Should we be vandalising art a bit more often?

A painting by Nicolas Poussin was vandalised while hanging on public display in the National Gallery this weekend. It got me wondering whether a bit more red spray paint would actually be a… Continue reading

Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries, National Gallery

Prompted by a visit to the National Gallery’s free exhibition Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries I was thinking about how these things are viewed in relation to ‘real’ art.