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Octopus Monday: Brian Kesinger’s adorable steampunk pet octopus

Well these Otto and Victoria scenes are some of my new favourite things from DeviantArt! A significant part of that might well be because I am now imagining that having a loyal pet… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Kinder Aggugini’s tentacles evening gown

The second Kinder Aggugini sent a model down the catwalk in an evening dress with velvet octopus tentacles on it, he won Spring/Summer 2013 ¬†as far as I was concerned. Bit of a… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: The heartbeat monitor screenplay

I’ve been spending the last few evenings coughing dramatically (it’s the tail end of a cold and I feel like not enough attention is being paid), catching up on¬†Breaking Bad (because when you… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Pulsing musical chromatophores

Not strictly an octopus BUT it is a cephalopod so at least we’re in the right ballpark when it comes to class, if not order. What you can see is a video recording… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Mark Laita’s undersea world

Mark Laita’s sealife photography is fantastic – you can see a wider selection of his creatures on his website (or in his beautiful book, Sea) – but here’s the octopus from the set… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Crazy patent illustration for hotdog octopus

Idly Googling octopus-related design patents (What? It’s a perfectly normal hobby) I found this design for what seems to be an octopus hotdog (the assignee is listed as “Octodog Inc”) filed in 2002… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: The tentacles of war

Strictly speaking this is not an octopus. It’s a Portuguese man-o-war, but it does have tentacles and is captivating so I thought I would try to sneak it past myself and into Octopus… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Is octopus/fish stop motion porno art?

One of the dangers of running the Octopus Monday feature is that there are people out there who get a little freaky with tentacles. You find yourself idly flicking through search results and… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: The Hoover Tube Octopus of Alexander Berchert

I recently visited Kinetica Art Fair (it’s a mixture of amazingly futuristic and charmingly low tech inventions which I adore) – you can see my full run down of the highlights over on… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: The tentacled chandeliers of Adam Wallacavage

When I finally get my enormous sea palace one of Adam Wallacavage‘s magnificent Octopus Chandeliers is going in the main entrance to better illuminate the grand staircase. Aren’t they stunning? I think my… Continue reading