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London Vistas – an Instagram project

I gravitate towards these kinds of symmetrical (or as near to symmetrical as I can get freehand) views as I pass through the city. I started collecting them alongside and sometimes as part… Continue reading

Christophe Huet creates impossible, wonderful Christmas presents

Christophe Huet has managed to create a series of pictures which capture that magical and completely impossible vision of Christmas we collectively seem to love. What I found fascinating was the option to… Continue reading

The Space in the Sky is beautiful

This is just a short post to give a shout out to The Space In The Sky, a project by Ellie Stuart. Well, perhaps not a project, more a collection of beautiful images… Continue reading

Carl Kleiner creates lollipop sculptures from studio oddments

I’m a big fan of Carl Kleiner’s artwork. His highly organised and structured aesthetic manages to tread that fine line between clean and sterile without losing its playfulness. In fact, you’ll probably know… Continue reading

Edward Burtynsky’s OIL series reopens The Photographers’ Gallery

The Photographers’ Gallery reopened this weekend with a major solo exhibition of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s work. OIL represents a ten year survey of the oil industry, with the London space showing over… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: Mark Laita’s undersea world

Mark Laita’s sealife photography is fantastic – you can see a wider selection of his creatures on his website (or in his beautiful book, Sea) – but here’s the octopus from the set… Continue reading

Flickr and Pinterest have awesome attribution news for you…

Oooh – this afternoon Flickr and Pinterest launched a Pinterest button to sit within Flickr’s own share menu on photos. The button will, above all other things, ensure that images pinned from the… Continue reading

Crisp, clean and texture-rich photo collages from Liesl Pfeffer

The above is my absolute favourite of Liesl Pfeffer’s photo collages. It’s called Summer Fjord and perfectly demonstrates her ability to work with colour and texture without overcomplicating an idea. Liesl is based… Continue reading

Roiling and billowing underwater inkscapes by Alberto Seveso

Photo: Spring moon behind blossom