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A year in art: The biggest art stories of 2011

BEST IN SHOW Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan’ is the most complete display of Leonardo’s rare surviving paintings ever held.… Continue reading

Massacre in Korea – Picasso (Part 5: THE END)

So you know Massacre in Korea’s backstory, technical analysis, comparison with Guernica and the critical reception – but have we all come to the same conclusion? Mine is below but you can feel… Continue reading

Massacre in Korea – Picasso (Part 4: Reactions)

Okay, so we’ve established that Massacre in Korea was no Guernica but Picasso was clearly making a conscious effort to modify his output in accordance with Communist Party guidelines. Why, then, did it… Continue reading

Massacre in Korea – Picasso (Part 3: versus Guernica)

The comparison between Massacre in Korea and Guernica, painted by Picasso in 1937, has been touched on several times in part one and two but it is worth engaging in a more lengthy study of… Continue reading

Massacre in Korea – Picasso (Part 2: The painting itself)

So, you’ve read the backstory, now for the technical analysis of Picasso’s Massacre in Korea… The key points of the analysis are listed as follows with the full descriptive text after the jump… Continue reading

Massacre in Korea – Picasso (Part 1: Introduction)

Okay, so. Picasso. Picasso is one of the world’s best loved artists and his work has commanded some of the highest prices ever paid at auction. He was also hugely prolific, leaving behind… Continue reading

Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries, National Gallery

Prompted by a visit to the National Gallery’s free exhibition Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries I was thinking about how these things are viewed in relation to ‘real’ art.

Picasso word cloud

This evening I found my dissertation. I also found Wordle.Net. I have now smooshed them both together to create an aesthetically pleasing word cloud of the most frequently used words.

Just a little horse

The Guardian’s website – where I seem to be getting a lot of my info at the moment and should probably return to a more diverse pool of news – tells me that… Continue reading