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Mount Fear by Abigail Reynolds creates a mountainous landscape from crime statistics

Abigail Reynolds’ Mount Fear takes the East London Police Statistics for violent crimes 2002-3 and converts them into a mountainous cardboard landscape. Although it’s an older work (it was exhibited at Nottingham’s Trade… Continue reading

Carl Kleiner creates lollipop sculptures from studio oddments

I’m a big fan of Carl Kleiner’s artwork. His highly organised and structured aesthetic manages to tread that fine line between clean and sterile without losing its playfulness. In fact, you’ll probably know… Continue reading

Octopus Monday: The Hoover Tube Octopus of Alexander Berchert

I recently visited Kinetica Art Fair (it’s a mixture of amazingly futuristic and charmingly low tech inventions which I adore) – you can see my full run down of the highlights over on… Continue reading

Fascinating snow globe worlds by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz

So this just rocketed to the top of my art wishlist. It’s a snow globe sculpture called Between Too Much And Me by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz. I’m almost entirely sure that… Continue reading

Beautiful blue ice church is beautiful

I know pretty much nothing about the Sapporo Winter Festival (although it sounds like EXACTLY the sort of thing I would like to visit) and I know absolutely nothing about who built this.… Continue reading

Last chance to see Riusuke Fukahori’s lifelike resin fish sculptures in Shoreditch

This evening I was over at ICN Gallery to have a look around the awesome¬†Riusuke Fukahori Goldfish Salvation exhibition before it closes (it finishes on 11 Jan which is TOMORROW so, y’know, hurry… Continue reading

Pink polyester plug sockets and other Do Ho Suh creations

Going through my camera’s memory card this weekend I realised that I hadn’t posted anything on here about 2011’s Frieze show. This is basically because I’d done a roundup for the women’s lifestyle… Continue reading

Herb Williams: How to make a wildfire out of wax

Herb Williams creates fabulous sculptures out of wax crayons. The ones above form Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire – a piece hosted by the National Ranching Heritage Centre in Texas and designed to… Continue reading

A curious thing about Rodin at Turner Contemporary

A return to Kent afforded the opportunity to visit Margate’s Turner Contemporary Gallery. I really enjoyed it but wanted to hare a couple of observations. The gallery is currently home to the Tate’s… Continue reading

What came first: chicken made from eggshells

I was just wondering whether I ought to post something vaguely Easter relevant when I stumbled across this eggshell sculpture by British artist Kyle Bean¬†– perfect! What do you reckon? I love the… Continue reading