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Black Marble: Watch Nasa’s phenomenally beautiful nighttime Earth animation

This is so astonishingly wonderful. I wish I could make it loop on YouTube because I would happily watch it for hours. You can also download the high resolution images and the animation… Continue reading

The Sun is squirting into interplanetary space

I saw this image in the paper the other day and resolved to find out more about it. NASA gives it the following caption: Still from video of Jan 19, 2012 long duration… Continue reading

Timelapse view from space (or ‘How light pollution can be lovely’)

I would absolutely love to go into space. Until that happens I will keep watching this timelapse video by Michael Konig on a loop. The images themselves are from NASA who are absolutely… Continue reading

Space through a lens

I’m currently working on an art project of my own and it has led me to some most excellent images. Here are links to a few of them – they’re well worth checking… Continue reading