The Death of Miffrat

The Death of Miffrat, 2007 - by me

The Death of Miffrat, 2007 - by me

The second (and last) in my series of images shoehorning popular Dutch rabbit Miffy into famous works of art sees her recreating Jean-Paul Marat’s ultimate relaxing soak.

Here is a link to The Death of Marat as discussed on Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels.

In an effort to impart some of the wisdom I earned, read about, or heard from a friend over the course of my degree, here is some trivia re: The Death of Marat and re: Marat himself:

  • David, being both a top friend and an artist familiar with the traditions of large scale history painting has neglected to illustrate Marat’s hideously disfiguring skin complaints. Instead his alabaster skin shines like a saintly beacon.
  • The painting shows Marat at the point just before expiring – a vital distinction which I recall, not because of it’s vitalness, but because of a particularly ardent (and repeated) mention by a stern lecturer.
  • Marat is probably as far as you can get from Miffy in terms of ideology given that he once wrote “In order to ensure public tranquility, 200,000 heads must be cut off”…
  • Marat’s corpse putrified at an astonishing rate and interfered with the elaborate funeral plans made by David himself.

So now you know…