The people prints of Jayoon Choi


People (1) - Jayoon Choi

I saw Jayoon Choi at work in the window of Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road, drawing her lovely sketchy people on the window with white pen as part of Jealous Gallery’s week-long print production residency.

You can imagine her doing some really lovely children’s book illustrations given how well she captures the movement and the individuality of people within crowded spaces.

Jayoon Choi at Heal's, Tottenham Court Road. Photo: Philippa Warr

The only thing I struggle with is the absence of colour – when she was working with white pen on the window the transparency of the glass forced colour upon her people – seeing the work in stark monochrome I feel like I fight the mental urge to add yellow or red or blue.

All of these works are available to purchase as screenprints from Jealous Gallery (£35 unframed or £60 framed)

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