Ryan Hopkinson explodes jelly for launch of Bompas & Parr food explosion service

So this is what happens when you explode a jelly and ask Ryan Hopkinson to take photographs.

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And that is what could happen to your wedding cake if you fancy doing something a little bit less traditional than cutting it thanks to a food explosion service from jellymongers Bompas & Parr.

For a fee a trained explosives technician will lay charges within your wedding cake (or food of choice) which you can detonate at the climax of the evening.

The pictures above by Ryan Hopkinson illustrate exactly what happens when that chosen foodstuff is jelly.

On making a booking an explosive technician (member of the Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians) will liaise with your wedding cake provider on setting the charges and arrange risk assessments and method statements with the venue. They will attend on the day of the wedding to set the explosives, rig the detonator and supervise the explosion. All explosives are transported within containers meeting the MoD’s SEAP 4 security standards as referred to in JSP440. Here’s what Harry Parr thinks: ‘Wedding cakes can be brutally stodgy. Blowing the cake up spares the stomach after a heavy meal is a good way to wake guests up for the speeches!

Depending on the contents of the risk assessment form I’m assuming you can choose to either tell or not tell the guests what you have planned…