Delicate paper birds have delicate paper insides

Dissections – Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrera makes these stunningly detailed paper bird sculptures (as well as other animals) and posts the results on her Flickr channel. My favourites are those above which show the little paper entrails!

According to Diana: “Sometimes you ask me what the birds have inside. Well they have inside what real birds have inside. Little by little I am finding the way to discover what they are made of.” Which is a lovely way to think about it.

Parrot – Diana Beltran Herrera

According to her recent posts she has now begun creating dioramas, little scenarios with foliage and flowers appropriate to the bird’s real habitat encased in acrylic.

You can find all of her projects on her site here:

Bird on a branch – Diana Beltran Herrera

Great Tits – Diana Beltran Herrera

Kingfishers – Diana Beltran Herrera

[Via Colossal]