Theatre of Dolls tell stories against a human stage set for Day Of The Dead festival

Until 3 November there’s a really atmospheric Day of the Dead celebration taking place in the Old Vic Tunnels. Last time I went to an event at that venue I was less than impressed but the preview for this one had some intriguing pieces and really captured the right kind of mood.

My favourite of the performances for sheer unexpected loveliness was Theatre of Dolls’ show The Holy Dress – a puppet rendition of the story of Genesis where the puppeteers’ legs and skirts form the stage set. You can see my pictures of the puppets and of the performance in the slideshow below but if you can you should definitely try to see it in person. They’re performing The Holy Dress twice each evening for the duration of the festival.

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Day of the Dead, 31 Oct – 3 Nov, Old Vic Tunnels