Flickr darkens pics for #SOPA #PIPA protest blackout

Irritatingly I only saw this as the end of the day approached but Flickr are allowing users to symbolically darken their images to raise awareness for protests against #SOPA and #PIPA – the pieces of US legislation which the entertainment industry believes will protect them from piracy but which, in reality, would strangle sites which rely on user-submitted content – Reddit, Wikipedia, social networking sites, blogging platforms, search engines…

This is how the overlay looks:

Initially users were only allowed to darken up to 10 images but it looks like Flickr had a change of heart and you can darken as many as you choose.

I couldn’t see an option to mass blackout all your pictures easily so I’d say if you want to get involved and have limited time, just darken your most viewed images.

You can read what Flick have to say on the matter on their blog.

P.S. My absolute favourite blackout, from both an aesthetic and an effectiveness point of view was the front page: